Pure Maple Syrup Products

Brower Road Sugarhouse is a NYS Grown and Certified farm located in the foothills of the Adirondacks in Fulton County, NY. Just like the Sacandaga River Valley region, our history also runs deep. Our Sugaring operation has grown from a backyard, “just for fun” hobby to more than 3,000 taps. And we’re still growing.

We have more than 40 years of experience crafting the sweet sap from our Maple trees into Mother Nature’s finest, award winning, all-natural Maple products.

NYS Grown and Certified Pure Maple Products

Maple is good for more than just maple syrup. It can also be made into sugar, candy, coffee, pancake mix, and more! At Brower Road Sugarhouse, we craft a wide variety of pure maple products, including the following:

Tour Our Sugarhouse in Fulton County, NY

In addition to our on-site and online stores, we also offer tours during the sugaring season from February to April. Get an up close and personal look at how your favorite pure maple products are made. From maple syrup to maple candy, you can see the process while walking away with your own souvenirs!

Want a taste of NYS grown pure maple products? Then shop our pure maple products or come visit us during sugaring season, February to April, to tour our sugarhouse and watch how your favorite Maple syrup is made.